Thought by Mrs.Nirmala

The best habit of human nature is “Persistence” .There is nothing to replace the word persistence .It is human nature that we all tend to make mistake knowingly or unknowingly .The most important thing is learning from them and realizing in a positive manner to achieve the desired results. Now I will tell you one example. A baby cannot walk on the floor when he is first born. He needs a lot of practice for a number of months. How many times have you seen a baby strive hard to walk even though he is not able to stand at an early stage? Even after failing numerous times, the baby does not give up and he will practice it repeatedly with more enthusiasm .So children the same rule applies for any situation that keeps you doing the same things in different and unique ways until you achieve the desired results. Failure may be part of the game. So, Never Give up children successful people never quit. Always try one more time until you succeed in your life.

Thought by Mrs .V.LAVANYA

Patience persistence and perspiration make perfect combination for success.

In our busy schedule mostly we are losing our patience.

Today I want to share a few tips to cultivate patience.

Patience is reflected through calmness, tolerance, balance and strength in different circumstances.

1. Develop the capacity to wait.

2. Be ready to forgive

3. Have an open mind and wider horizon.

4. Remember patience makes life beautiful.

PATIENCE: The capacity to accept on tolerates delay or problems.

PERSISTANCE: Continuity to exist or occur over a prolonged period.


Thought by Mrs. Starina D’Cruz

In this fast paced world, we have forgotten our importance. I would like to remind you all that each one of you is the most beautiful creation of God and God has blessed you with graces and talents to become the best and if you do your best, God will do the rest.

Once there lived a carpenter who was hard working and dedicated. His employee was very happy with him. But, now the carpenter had become tired, old and weary seeing these his sons persuaded him to retire and spend time with his extended family and take the long awaited vacation with his wife. The carpenter went to his employer the next day and expressed his employer the next day and expressed his wish to retire. The employed was saddened by this news but he had no choice but to let go. As a final favor, his employed asked him to build a last house. The carpenter started his work but one could see that his heart was not in it, he didn’t take care of the quality of wood or quantity of cement. Finally the house was ready and the employer handed him the keys to that house. The carpenter was shocked and thought to himself, I f I had only known. I would have done my best.

Dear children, the carpenter did not know that he was building his house, but you dear children, you are the carpenter and you know what you are building. Everything that you learn at school is going to give you a foundation will ensure a strong future. At school, you don’t just learn to read and write, you also learn moral values. You learn to be a good human being, you learn to fall and get up because failure is not the opposite of success but, a stepping stone to success.

Have a great day

Thought by Mrs. Usha Uttam


Once in a telecommunication company worked a guy called Mark .He was a kind guy who always used to be in a good mood. He was like natural motivators .He was always there telling the employees how to look on the positive side of the situation.

One day one of the co-employee john went upto him and asked him

“How do you do it” How can you be so positive all the time?

Mark replied, “Each morning when I wake up….. I Say to myself you have two choice today…you can choose to be in a good mood today or in a bad mood ….I choose good mood.

Whenever something bad happened I ask myself…either you can choose to be victims or you can learn something from it. I choose to learn every time someone comes complaining to me I have a choice to accept a complaint or I can point out the positive side of life. I choose the positive side of life.

So, dear children keep your mind, vibes and life positive to lead a successful life.

By Principal FR.SANDEEP Reddy on 14/2/18.

Keep learning all the time.

There is no substitute for hard work.

Dream big and Aim high.

By SR.ROJA on 15/2/18
Self Discipline and Self Confidence.

It means a will power which is developed by each one of us consciously .It help us to say very firmly that “I can do it or I will do it”.

To discipline ourselves we must aware of our 5 senses is a skill like any other skills. There are very powerful organs on our body. We can master it by practicing day by day.

Most of the time we are busy with our senses but we are not able to use our brain to think and plain for the better purpose.

A well self disciplined persons believes in determination, perseverance, hard work and always creates an opportunities to reach out their goals.

Many great persons lived and practiced there values not one day, one month or one year but they worked hard to fulfill their dreams.

Self discipline, self respect and self confidence there are the powerful weapons to transform our behavior and learn good manner in house, in school and in society where there is the will, there is the way.

My dear students learn to discipline yourself so that you can concentrate more on your exams and score good ranks in your exams.

By Mr. PETER CARDOZ on 16/2/18.

Fear of GOD: He is the creator of heaven and earth.

Self Obedience: Admiring the creation of God.

GOD’S Love: To spread through the good qualities we learn from the school.


By Mrs. ASIFA on 21/2/18

“Make hay while the sun shine” Farmer dries grass and makes hay while the sun shines. He does so because he can make hay only under the sunlight when it is hot.

This thought reminds the people that if they procrastinate the work and does not avail the opportunity given to them they may be in the difficulty situation when the opportunity lapsed.

My dear children future is uncertain what few opportunities you get in your life time has limited validity with regards to time, Hence good opportunity should be acted upon immediately when they are found.

Particularly X class children you all have time now. Time to dream set your goal and work hard to get them true, utilize every minute .So, as to improve your future that what do we can learn from this? From this we learn to take advantage of every favorable condition to make the most of an opportunity that is available.

If you have opportunity to do something, do it before it expires.

If there are dreams, determinations strong will and hard work. None can snatch the success from you.

My dear children I hope and believe that you take this opportunity as a chance dream high work hard and come out in flying colours.

THEME OF THE YEAR (2016-17). By Mrs J.Rose Catherine
Good morning everybody.

I am happy to share my opinion about the theme of the year I Can, I Will ,I Must for knowledge and wisdom.

Dear children education is the process of knowledge-Knowledge is a familiarity awareness or understanding information or skill which is acquired through experience. Wisdom means ability to use your knowledge and experience to make good decision and judgment.

Now about theme of the year I Can , I Will , I Must . Most of us learn to set goals. But in order to reach our goal it takes lot of effort determination, dedication and self discipline. To achieve goals we may face obstacles. Overcoming any obstacles with simple mindset that you can get through it .Soar bravely towards your goal, let nothing darken the way.

losing does not make you a loser.

Failing does not make you a failure.

Its not going to be easy but it is simple it can be done.

Always remember that our thoughts become our reality. So, never, ever think that you are not good enough. We were all put on this earth for a purpose. And it's just p to us to go out and recognize it and take advantage of the opportunities that we have and recognize that failure is a part of the process.

Here we have a classic example of Japan. When Japan reduced to ashes in the second world war, the Japanese did not lose hope. Every Japanese began to work hard. And in a period of 25 years,their country in the world. No matter what . Just go through it. Whether it's a failure or success it's just an experience.

So, My dear children nothing is impossible. If you want to become a real goal getter.

Just make up your mind, and say I am going to get through this I Can ,I Will ,I Must.

Wishing you nothing but greatness.

Thank You
THEME OF THE YEAR (2016-17).By Anthony Mary:
Knowledge and wisdom

To acquire knowledge one must study , but to acquire wisdom one must observe.


Dear students if you have to dream, don't just sit there gather courage to believe that you can succeed and leave no stone unturned to make it a reality.


Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you have what you are doing you will be successful.


Knowledge lead to success to become successful you must first have courage to believe.

Dear student a teacher would never tell you what to do but She/he would give you the knowledge with which you can decide what would be best for you to do.


You have to grow from inside .No one can teach you, No one can make you perfect. There is no other teacher but your own soul. So students to attain knowledge ,add things everyday .To attain wisdom and remove things every day.

THEME OF THE YEAR (2016-17).BY Mrs.Asifa Jabeen:
Good Morning to one and all.

To enlighten the theme of the year I would like to say no obstacle is too big no goal is unattainable nothing else matters.

I Can ,I Will ,I Must for knowledge & wisdom, with this positivity my dear children you can give your day a start by being ,positive specific and productive. Everyone have dreams don't just follow them but lead them.

Any great idea is only as good as the action taken to execute it. An American singer and activi Joan Barz said "Action is the antidote of despair" so step into action & put in some efforts to achieve your goals whether they are big or small. Children by taking action & being productive you will give yourself an extra opportunity to fulfill your dreams

Let us take an example of a Chinese Bamboo tree. It takes 5years to grow. During this process you must water and fertilize the seeds daily, the sprouts don't break the ground until the fifth year. But once they come out they grow ninety feet tall within 5 weeks.

The water and fertilizers you provide is like the efforts put in for your goals and the length of the tree is like the result we get. So, my dear children nothing is impossible .It might look tough, but your efforts, your dedication and determination will make every thing easier for you.

So, what ever work you plan for your self think I can ,I will ,I Must .

Thank you,
Have a nice day.
THEME OF THE YEAR (2016-17).By Mrs. Fathima
Good Morning to one and all Theme of the year I Can-I Will-I Must For Knowledge And Wisdom I Can:

No matter where you are in the world , if you have decided to do something deep from your heart, you can do it.....

I Will:

If you work hard stay focused, and never give up, you will eventually get what you want in life.

I Must :

Motivating yourself & self confidence in you.


is really about facts and ideas that we acquire through study, research, investigation observation or experience.


Is the ability to see and judge which aspects of the knowledge are true, right lasting and applicable to your life.


My dear children when ever teacher enters in your class stop talking searching here and there stand in your place concentrate .Wish your teacher listen to her. CONCENTRATION means not allowing the mind to think of anything except the target. Since The nature of the mind in such that it thinks continuously and gets easily distracted, it is difficult to achieve concentration. Daily chanting (repeating) of the lord's Name is very helpful in achieving concentration.

We are shaped by our thoughts
We become what we think
When the mind is pure joy
Follows like a shadow that never leaves.
THEME OF THE YEAR (2016-17).By Mrs.Nirmala
Good morning every one

Theme of the year is I Can I ,Will ,I Must ?for knowledge and wisdom.

Wisdom is the ability to use your knowledge and experience to make good decisions and judgments. It is the quality to act in the right manner at the right time.

Wisdom helps you to be confident. It develops in you the ability to overcome difficult situations in life.

No matter what challenge your facing you must have a mindset that you can get through it.

I Can Failing does not make you a failure.

I Will Losing does not going to be easy, but its simple.

So children make up in your mind that you're never going to give up and that you're never going to quit. You can make it through your challenges. Survive today and tell yourself I Can,I Will, I Must. Speak life into your situation...whatever your circumstances are Say,I Can make it,I Will make it , I Must make it.

So children remember this mantra or powerful thought that you say to yourself when you at anytime doubt something you cannot do.

I Know I Can do it and I will,

I Cannot wait and I will not fail,

I have set my eyes and heart or a star,

Step by step I will go , it is not far.

I will not falter, I will not fear,

I Know that the way is goal is near.

I will keep my focus , I Will maintain my strength.

I Will not give up and. I Will not faint.

I will be strong. Shout victory,'s call.

"Inspiration comes to us Slowly and It with a little solitude".

THEME OF THE YEAR (2016-17).BY Mrs.Sharadha

Let us reflect on our theme today."I CAN ,I WILL , I MUST for knowledge and wisdom".

Let us have a target in life, work hard and study well to achieve it. You can do it!

As the bible tells us "God loves a person with wisdom, more than anything in the world. Wisdom is more expensive than all the riches and money, its brighter than the sun and stars.

Wisdom contain the spirit which is holy intelligent .Unique manifold subtle mobile clear unpolluted distinct invulnerable ,loving the good keen irresistible, beneficent humane ,steadfast ,sure free from anxiety, all powerful overseeing all and penetrating through all spirits.

Wisdom is more mobile than any motion and it is a breath of the power of God it is reflection of eternal light a spotless mirror of the working of god.

The beginning of wisdom is the most sincere desire for instruction and concern for instruction is love and knowledge.

One who rises early to seek knowledge will have no difficulty for wisdom will be found sitting at the gate.

Wisdom is like priceless gem because at wisdom's sight gold is equal to sand and silver will be accounted as day before wisdom .

Wisdom is unfailing treasure for mortals those who get wisdom obtain friendship with God, for wisdom is a gift that God has instructed us.

All we can teach you is knowledge but wisdom only be achieved through prayer .

Start your day with prayer and your day with prayer. If you kneel before God your heart becomes pure.

Like how you cannot read without knowing the alphabet in the same way without the knowledge of Holy Spirit we cannot achieve anything.

For example you want to go for a picnic and your parents say no, you'll cry, don't eat food until your parents change their minds allow you to go for picnic. In the same way you need to pray with tears and fasting until you reach success. If you tell god want you want ,you to believe and be happy that its already given to you.

Time is very important in life you must learn how to manageyour time and use it in a more meaningful way.

When you will trust God. God is with you and you can do anything in life.

I truly believe that following these points will surely help you in becoming a better person in life and for success.

A Very GOOD MORNING to one and all

I Will , I Can , I Must for knowledge & Wisdom.

In a small forest lived the wild animals birds and butterflies all together. One day in the evening celebration .When they all met, their arose a argument among them. The argument was who can run a race fast. The lion, the horse said me, the monkey said me , the hare said me and even the tortoise said me....all the animals at once screamed at tortoise and said u.....So they all decided to have a race between hare and the tortoise.

Amidst of all animals, the race began by the count 1 & 2 and go . The hare ran fast and at one point stopped and turned back and saw for tortoise. But there was no tortoise. So he decided to take some rest under the tree and was fast asleep. The tortoise came slowly..slowly keeping steps one after the other and reached the point when hare was sleeping but he did not stop went away step by step and reached the finishing point. The hare woke up saw the tortoise at the finishing point ran fast but could not finish the race and lost the first position.

>Dear children, if your focus is on your goal no matter how you are, no matter, of many obstacles and difficulties you face ,you will still reach that point you are focus should be like a large beam if you focus, you can make it. we always communicate through our eyes and but without eyes.

Example: If I say a car, everyone has a picture of car in your mind. Some have jagvor car, some have BMW and some have mcrdidez .Everyone has a different car picture and that is you will. If I say red car all most everyone see a picture of red car. That is a definite picture. That is called must .Point a picture of success in your mind and always look at that and say .

I Will,I can and I Must reach that point of success which I pointed.

I Will - Challenge.

I Can - Face Challenge.

I Must - Win the Challenge.

So, lets change the moral of story and create a new trend saying even if I am like a hare , I Will, I can & I Must

THEME OF THE YEAR (2016-17).By Mrs.Swathi

"Risk is my life, possible is my hope"

Impossible is my enemy, dangerous is my game come with one because my name is success

Said swami Vivekananda.

Good morning everyone

I am here today to reflect on the theme of the year I Must , I Will ,I Can for knowledge and wisdom.

Once A German football coach said.

A Quitor is never a winner.

A Winner is never a quitor.

Life without a goal is like ship without a radder. Set a goal in our life. Only when our goal is clear we will know where to put our hard work. Then you say to yourself . I will , No matter whatever risk I may have to take. I Must , because my aim is to reach my goal. I can because I am till with endowed with potentials. Sometimes you may have to take risks and meet with failures but if you learn from them you will be a better person. It's how you handle adversity. The main thing is never quit. Set a goal and never ,unless you attain it. Dear children if you determined to achieve your goal you need to have the winning attitude. The attitude of winner is never quitting you need to give your Constance and continuous efforts with true dedication. You should have aim very clear in your mind otherwise if you tingle in your aims like having two three aims in mind,

Your hard work is derided. There is a chance that you may not reach the place you want to.

Now let me help you to recall your goal in asking few question.

Now take a second and remember what is your that you have taken to achieve?

Are you really and sincerely working at it ?

If not so start from today.

Give your best because if you will and if you must surely you can.

I Pray and sincerely wish that god may guide you all to become shining store by achieve your goal.

All the best
Good Morning to one and all.

I am goanna start with a small story. Once a frog decided to reach the top of a tree. All the other frogs shouted " It's impossible, it's impossible.... You can't do it " still the frof reached the top how?

Because he was deaf and he thought everyone was encouraging him to reach the top.

Be deaf to negative thought.....If you wants to reach your goal.

Life is an amazing journey as you embark on this journey of your life make a choice. Always be motivated and be with a positive attitude. Never think its impossible to do any thing. Don't listen to what other people say stay calm and remove all your negative vibes from your mind. If you fill to do anything don't loose your hope keep trying until you get it, because failure is not the end. You'll never be successful if you don't encounter failure.

Today I would like to motivate you towards your goals using 3-steps I Can ,I Will , I Must .

The most powerful motivation comes from with in our belief system. To move into action we need to believe in what we do and accept responsibilities for our life.

In order to succeed you must first believe that you can, will, must do it.

I hope you all follow there steps and acquire knowledge and wisdom and reach your goal. So children stay focused and never give up.

Thank you

God Bless You.

Good morning everyone!

I take an immense pleasure to deliver a speech about this year's theme.


Strong words for successful corner. It is very important for each and every one to excel in life, irrespective of the field. "Dream ,Dream , Dream" there were the words of great Dr.AP.J.Abdul Kalam , by this he meet just to dream by sleeping whole day? No, Dream for what you want to be ,Work hard until you achieve it, be successful.

Swami Vivekananda once quoted. 'Take up resolution which is ideal for your life'. Think of it , dream it .live on it . Let every cell in your body imbibe the saying I Can, I Will, I Must . Whatever you start working towards a goal, you'll face lot of hardships, there will be naysayers , people who want to pull you down , there will be criticism and hate.

At this point you can just give up or you can say to yourself "I Can ,I Will and I Must". Break the barrier, go beyond their imagination and prove them wrong. After all there's some kick to prove someone wrong.

So, children keep these words close to your heart and mind, at the end of the day its how near or close to your goal matters. Improve day by day work hard until you become successful .

Now repeat after me.

I Can ,I Will ,I Must .

THEME OF THE YEAR (2016-17). By Mrs. Vasantha
Good Morning to every one

The team of the year is

I can, I Will ,I Must for knowledge and wisdom

What is the most important treasure in life to become an ideal person?

Discipline: We should have self discipline in mind and body to control your word thoughts and action.

Patience: It is a gift from god. It gives you good health and happiness. Cultivate good habits of prayer meditation and good words.

Knowledge: Have faith in God, in others and in your own ability to dream about goal and achieve the goal.

Firm Determination and Will power : Is a must it will lead you to you your goal. Concentration whole heartedly while praying, studying, working and playing hold on to you dream like a lunch of roses forming a bouquet of passion. Be confident in the direction of your dream where you truly wish to go. Take the treasure of the past and invest it in your future.

The more you give out your knowledge.

The more you grow.

Then you will become successful in future.

Last but not least children you will remember the team.

Yes I can do it .

Yes I Will do it for others.

Yes I must share my knowledge with others.

Thank You
THEME OF THE YEAR (2016-17).By Ms.Maria Stella.
Good morning to one and all

I CAN, I WILL ,I MUST for knowledge and wisdom .


You can gain more knowledge and success by taking action.


True wisdom give oneself knowledge and peace of mind.

Dear Students,

If you are responsible for what you are, and whatever you wish ourselves to be, you have the power to make yourself. If what you are now has been the result of your own past actions, It certainly follows that whatever you wish to be in the future can be produced by our present actions, So children you have to know how to act.

1. Life is a linear equation in which you can't cross multiply ! if you think you can do it, you can. If you think you can't do it, you can't. It's a simple formula.

2. All our dreams come true if we will have courage to face it.

3. Don't worry about failure, you must worry about the chances you miss. When you don't even try.

So students, coming together is a beginning , Keeping together is progress , Working together is success.

Thank you.

Have a nice day.

THEME OF THE YEAR (2016-17).BY Sr.Smita

"Trust yourself, create the kind of life you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny inner sparks of possibility into the flames of achievement". Says Foster, every great personality had their goal to achieve that consisted of their hard work , determination and risk taking . so sent your goal look high. Failure is your stepping stone for your growth. When you fall do not remain there, use , get up and go. The beautiful words . I must, I will, I can.

When I say :

I Must , it leads you to take risk and to work hard.

I Will , it strengthens your determination.

I Can , it builds your self confidence and leads to success.

These three words are interconnected.

Dear friends no one is useless, because we are created in the image and likeness of god. Believe you are a gem Mahatma Gandhi says.

"By education ,I mean the all round drawing out of the best in child and men , body and soul".

Therefore education should make you complete man and a woman . The world needs you.

Willpower is the essential virtue of a fully actualize life . Time is your precious commodity and it is non-renewable .So make use of your time in a proper manner.

The quality of your life ultimately come down to the quality of your contribution.

We are the masters of our fate, that the task which has been set before us is not above our strength, that its pangs and toils are not beyond our endurance.

As long as we have faith in our own cause and unconquerable will to win victory will never deny us.

Therefore the theme of the year 2016-17 is a tool for us focus at and move forward to achieve our goal.

I wish and pray that, this new academic year 2016-17 be a successful one to everyone and the days ahead too.

May God bless everyone of us.