IV Introducing computer programming languages, computer peripherals, categories of computers, primary memory, secondary memory, knowledge about data access mode, storage capacity, access time, Introducing system s/w, Application SW, Fun with logo, Drawing in paint brush, Fundamentals of windows, Getting Started with ms-word, Mental ability reasoning.
V Categories of computers, An introduction to windows, Programming with logo, Working with ms-word, Networking, Internet, Introducing multimedia, Mental ability reasoning.
VI History of computers, Generation of computers, programming basics, in / output devices, Programming with logo, Networking and Internet, Word processing, Getting started with ms-excel, Concept of multimedia, Mental ability reasoning.
VII Introduction operating system (os), windows explorer, Types of computer languages, computer networking and its usage, Internet, ms-word, multimedia, Mental ability reasoning.
VIII Classification of computers, describing of types of computers, AscII code, Binary number system, Software fundamentals, Languages, Types of memories, Types of hard disks, working with windows, ms-word, PowerPoint, Networking, Internet & Emailing, Mental ability reasoning.
IX Classification of computers, Introducing storage devices, Introducing binary number system, Operating system( os), understanding networking, PowerPoint, Excel, Mental ability reasoning.
X Computer hardware and networking, Software classification, Introducing number system, IT basics, ms-office, Internet, Html fundamentals, Ms-Access, Mental ability reasoning.